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    You're probably wondering, "Where can I find the best replacement window installer near me in the Burlington, NC area?" Burlington Handyman Services is one of the best window replacement and window repair companies around! We can even provide replacement doors, replacement windows, vinyl siding, vinyl windows and much more for your home renovations and updates.

    Why replace the windows in your home or office? There are many reasons. Let's look at just a few. You may be having trouble opening windows. If so, it's probably time to install new windows. If you feel cold air or a draft drifting around your windows, you likely need to replace them. Window damage, like cracked glass, missing panes or maybe the windows are just out-of-date in style and appearance are also great reasons to consider window replacement.

    We can also assist with your window repairs. Many times we can make your old windows more energy efficient. Caulking and weather stripping older windows can help reduce drafts. We can remove the old caulk and replace it. New weather stripping helps with air leaks around the sashes and costs less that replacement windows. Damaged storm or screen windows that need repair? We can help! Our technicians are experienced in all facets of window repair and replacement. We offer wood windows, vinyl double-hung, fiberglass double-hung, wood casement, vinyl casement windows and more! Style, comfort and energy efficiency are all great reasons to update or replace your windows. We can help! Call Us today at 3369019014!

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    When Should You Replace Your Windows?

    Windows represent one of the main functional and aesthetic elements of your home. You may already have a sense that you may need to look into replacing and updating your windows. No need to wonder if it's actually time to replace, here are some of most common reasons why property owners get their windows replaced. First, you may be noticing that your Power Bills have been creeping up, or even jumping up over the last several months. You've noticed that your furnace seems to be running a lot harder in the winter and in the summer, the air conditioning unit is running constantly and can barely keep the place cooled down because you feel the hot air coming in around the windows and frames. New energy efficient windows will change that in a big hurry and help you reduce that nagging power bill. Drafty Windows Are the windows drafty? It's easy to know.. You can really feel it when the weather turns cold. And, you can even hear the air flowing in sometimes when it's windy outside. Sometimes the older windows rattle in the wind and it just becomes really uncomfortable, especially in the winter time. Summer time can get pretty rough too. And the drafty windows are no help when it comes to keeping the noises out from traffic outside and things like allergies and keeping the dust levels down. In short, drafty windows are the pits! Windows are Old and Have Broken Parts If your windows just don't operate that well then you probably need to get them replaced. Broken window cranks, the windows stick when opening or closing, broken locks or latches, broken glass and missing or damaged screens are common issues with older windows. Things can become safety hazards as well, especially if there are younger ones at home. New windows will make life so much better for everyone! Condensation Inside The Windows When warm, moist air comes in contact with a cold surface, you will see condensation forming on the insides of your windows. This is a sure sign that your windows are not energy efficient and moreover, the moisture can lead to other issues like mod, warping moisture damage and other problems. Also, if you begin to see moisture forming in droplets between the panes of your glass, this is a sure sign that the seal between the two panes of glass is broken. Heat is escaping and so is your hard earned money. Windows that have worn out, damaged or broken seals need replacement. Window Frames are Damaged, Cracked or Breaking Down. If you are noticing that the sills and/or window frames are rotted, have mold on them or are coming apart at the seam, you will need to have them replaced. Your Windows Look Dated If you live in an older home, you can probably notice other homes in your neighborhood that may still have their original windows. In some cases, older windows can be repaired, but new window technology makes so much sense due to energy saving, better appearance and sound deadening characteristics. So the best solution will usually be to consult with a window professional and consider investing in new windows. You won't regret it!

    What are some Features That Make Up an Energy-Efficient Window? 

    Every window's sash and frame materials are very important with regards to their insulating qualities, so it's important to do some homework when choosing the type of window you will use.

    Fiberglass Fiberglass windows tend not to contract or expand because of changes in temperatures, so they tend to be very energy efficient. Wood If wooden windows are well-maintained, they can be relatively efficient. However, if they begin to break down and show signs of cracking, warping or otherwise damaged due to moisture or excessive exposure to sunlight and heat, then they become much less effective and will need replacement. Vinyl Very affordable windows and provide excellent thermal qualities. Aluminum Windows made with aluminum tend to be less expensive than other materials. However, they are also the least efficient.

    Gas Fills Double and triple-pained windows have gas between the panes, usually using argon or krypton gas. They work as insulators preventing heat transfer. These gases are transparent, odorless and non-toxic, so they provide a safe solution. Low-E Glass Low-emissivity glass has been coated to reduce temperature transfer. The lower the emissivity, the more the window sends back the heat or cold where it came from. It keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Weather Stripping Windows that are drafty and that leak air can cost you a ton in energy costs. Weather stripping is a low cost way of reducing the drafty air and heat loss.

    Here are some common mistakes to avoid when buying replacement windows in Burlington NC. Not hiring a professional window replacement contractor. Many homeowners try the less-expensive approach and hire the wrong person for the job. Save yourself a lot of heartache and money in the long run and hire a professional the first time. Window professionals focus entirely on window removal and installations. They are far better equipped to do the job properly than someone who may be a family friend, or does windows part - time. Any number of issues can pop up when removing old windows. you want someone with experience and prior knowledge in handling these kinds of issues. Be sure to get a Warranty. Most window manufacturers provide some type of warranty when purchasing new windows. Be sure to thoroughly research any coverages so you have peace of mind should and of the windows fail or if it was installed improperly. Educate Yourself about Windows Another important piece of the puzzle is educating yourself on all of the various window options available today. Don't make a big purchase without getting all the facts beforehand.


    Why Use Us? 

    When you entrust us with your business, you can rest assured knowing your windows and home are in the hands of highly-skilled and experienced technicians. Remember, we are never satisfied until you are. When you work with Burlington Handyman Services, we will make sure that we always work within your budget, keeping things affordable. We will also provide you with up-front pricing. We have options for every budget. We are locally owned and operated and our technicians are convenient to most areas in the Triad. Remember, we serve the greater Burlington and Greensboro, NC areas. Call Today!










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