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    Our bathrooms are really important to the daily lives of our families. They play a huge role in our daily routines. At Burlington Handyman Services, we understand how to ensure you start your days off right so you don't dread getting going each day!

    Our bathroom repair and bathroom remodeling services include cabinets and countertops, bathtubs, showers, toilet and sink repair and much more! Bathroom remodels are one of the best investments available to increase the value of your home. Are you considering a move? Maybe you're scaling down or need to grow?

    We can help! Large or small job? We got you covered! We can design an entire new space or repair your leak. Need a bathroom cabinet remodel? We can help! Just like your kitchen, your bathrooms should be a place you love to be and fit your specific lifestyle and budget. Again, whether it's a leaky toilet of a full-service bath design, we can help. We've assisted hundreds of families in the Burlington, NC area and throughout Alamance County, NC. Remember this: the cost of a bathroom remodel in Burlington can be expensive, yes - but remodeling a bathroom isn't tossing money down the drain.. You'll not only have a beautiful new bathroom, you'll increase the value of your home! Are you ready to begin the work on your bathroom remodel or repairs? Call us today at 3369019014! We also offer the following services! Gutter cleaning Burlington NC, window repair burlington nc, deck repair and staining, handyman gutter cleaning and more!


    Bathrooms play a huge part in providing the overall comfort and functionality of everyone's home. Bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovation services focus on producing a new area that address everyone's needs and changing lifestyles common to all individuals and families. They also play a key role in the overall comfort that a home provides. Here are some of the key elements of the typical bathroom.

    Shower Walls 

    Shower walls or shower surrounds come in many different configurations. They include, but are not limited to tile, marble, quartz and other man made natural stone products. The options with shower walls are great, including your seat/bench options, grab bars, soap dishes, shower heads, drains and much more. The list and choices are almost without end!

    Shower Bases 

    Also referred to as shower pans, shower floors. They are an important feature and crucial to providing a well built, long lasting shower. They come in fiberglass, plastic and acrylic in a variety of sizes and shapes to satisfy your construction and remodeling wishes.

    Shower/Tub Conversions

    Switching out/converting an old tub to a shower is a great option that will add convenience and accessibility to your bathroom space, especially in the situation where space is limited.


    We provide our customers with a large choice of options: Whirlpool/air bath tubs, soaker tubs, sunken tubs, whatever you can dream up pretty much!

    Cabinets If you are remodeling an older home, chance are great that you will need to update your bathroom cabinets for the look and usage that you are looking for. Height, depth, layout, materials are just some of the functions you will need to consider. We can help!


    Toilets, faucets and shower heads! So many styles, manufacturers and choices to select from! We can help you with evaluating and designing your renovation to help ensure the best and most favorable outcome for your bathroom project!


    Mirrors are another crucial element in the overall design and functionality of the bathroom space. Some of the customer's favorites when it comes to countertop material are quartz, marble, granite and others. We'll help you choose the right thickness and the best overall look. Sinks too - shapes and sizes. We can help. And then we can also help you choose the best mirrors depending on your style, budget and build.

    Shower Doors

    Frameless, framed, semi-frameless.. Again, the options today are almost endless - We can help here as well!


    Heated floors, porcelain, natural stone, small tiles, large tiles and more! Accent lighting, ambient, decorative and task lighting.. Any bathroom remodel will need proper lighting that follows with your budget and desires. Our pros can help you every step of the way.

    Cost To Remodel A Bathroom

    Of course, the size of your new bathroom will determine how large of a budget will be needed. Usually, homeowners spend more to re-do the master bath due to increases in property values, appeal to a potential new owner, and the improvement of the functionality for the family. Let's quickly look at the average costs depending on the various sizes of the bath.

    Powder Room

    $5,000 - $10,000 average cost. Typically includes Toilet, faucet and vanity replacement, new lighting and floors, new wallpaper and/or paint.

    Guest Bath

    $14,000-$20,000 This remodel may provide a new tub or shower, faucets, floors and lighting. New vanity, tub or shower, paint or new wallpaper.

    Master Bath 

    $30,000 and up. New flooring, cabinets, vanity or double vanity, faucets, fameless glass shower and / or soaking tub, paint/wallpaper and more, depending on budget.

    Other Considerations related to costs:

    Where you live (geography) may have a large impact on the cost of your bathroom. If the bedroom is located on a second or third floor, or difficult to gain access to for other reasons such as a home located on an isolated road may have an impact on cost. Permits. Some renovations may require a permit, depending on local regulations. Disposal of materials taken out of the old bathroom will add an additional cost to any project.


    Why Hire a Contractor to Remodel Your Bathroom:


    Even though the bathroom is usually one of the smaller areas or rooms in a home, according to most contractors and home remodelers it is also one of the most labor intensive areas to redo. Keep in mind that in a relatively small area, a large number of things need to happen. Flooring, wiring, tile, sinks, cabinetry, toilets, shower/bathtub and more.. As a result, it makes a lot of sense to hire a professional bathroom remodeler as opposed to trying to tackle the project yourself. Remember, if you do the job yourself and end up making a big mistake, you will have to hire someone to fix it anyway. This will cost you way more in the long run. So, isn't it a better idea to hire someone from the start? Hiring a pro will give you the professional look, the best turnaround time, and they will typically be connected to a team of other pros that handle things like flooring, heating/air, plumbing, electrical and tile.


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